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One of the most amazing experience I had regarding Shakun , Prashna , Birth Chart and Muhurat Astrology. I was in Singapore on an excussion tour for visiting my Son in Jan. 2013 . I got a msg from Mr. Sachin Malhotra my associate in the www.eduastrology and that one of the clients wants to have some Predictions done from me and wanted to talk regarding the same . I passed on my mobile number of Singapore to my associate who in turn passed it on to the client. I was in my Sons house getting ready to leave for some excursion and shopping and then was in the car when I received a call from this client inquiring about the outcome of an Interview which he had given for a Job on the 30th Jan 2013. I had earlier Predicted to him that he would get a Job with increase in Status and very good emoluments, before 31st Jan 2013 . The Query was on the 1st Feb. 2013 at 15-23 hrs Singapore
Just then the Car stopped at the Red light point for a minute and then there were all green signals thereafter till the destination point where I had to go.. The total distance travelled by me in the Car was about 4.5 Kms. The Redlight point where the car had stopped earler was after about 3.5.Km .Hence if we convert it into Navamsha 9 navamsha =4.5 Km ,therefore 1 navamsha =0.5 Km and since the distance left was 1 Km the navamsha left were 2 . I knew that at the time of query the Lagna was Taurus and by the above calculation covered 7 navamshas . The Lagna will be therefore beTaurus 23.20 degrees plus and the navamsha Lagna will be Leo. Both Fixed signs and Jupiter in lagna in Taurus in query chart. I also knew as an astrologer the Planetary positions , I could see the Prime role of Jupiter and Mars in the Prashna chart . More so since the Car stopped at the redlight point first and then there after no stoppage and finally reaching the destination. Hence i concluded that there will be success after some hurdles. I knew the degrees of Mars around 5 roughly and so I could tell the client that there is some Problem created by a Male Person in the interview Board, and there will be stop and go like activity, And finally he will be selected , but there will be hinderances initially, since as per Prashna Neeyam, Mars aspect on Jupiter is not good and that to from the 10th house of the query chart. The native replied in affirmative . I could also see Jupiter is a slow moving planet and Mars faster then Jupiter and Jupiter degrees high than Mars and hence Jupiter closer to the Lagna degrees than Mars. Hence more influence Of Jupiter on the Lagna to ultimately give the native a Success . Jupiter is digbali in Lagna and Mars digbali in the 10th house. AsPer Prashna Neeyam Jupiter in Lagna will give very strong positive results, so I conveyed this to him after 5 minutes of my doing some calculations for the navamsha etc.
After reaching home I opened the Prashna chart and analysed the same as follows Lagna Taurus and 23.49 almost what I calculated roughly as mentioned above. I could also see what I had Predicted to him with out seeing the chart matching absolutely.

1. Day Friday—- Benefic Day Lord is Venus

2. Tithi KP-6 —-Not Malefic

3. Karna —- Gara — Not malefic
Sun Rise time 07-19-42 hrs and Query time is 15-23, hence the difference is 08-03-18 hrs or 8.055 hrs.
The Query time is in the 3rd Yama. The Day lord is placed in the sign of Sun in this chart and in Prashna chart they are together, Day lord is also Lagnesh Venus, Karyesh Saturn 10th Lord for the Job in the Yama chart is in the sign of Virgo and its Lord Mercury and Saturn in Prashna chart are in 4/10 axis , excellent placement . Day Lord and Lagnesh Jupiter as 11th lord connection.. Uday lagna , Arudha lagna and Moon influenced by Jupiter and they in trine from each other , hence strong Positive results. Uday Lagna is Taurus Fixed sign and having Jupiter a 100% benefic in Lagna is a strong Positive, Arudha lagna is Virgo and Chaitra Rashi is Aquarius. The Bhav bala of Taurus Uday lagna is 456 Arudha lagna is Virgo and has Bhav Bala of 521 and Chaitra rashi is Aquarius and the Bhav bala is 398,therefore Arudha Lagna and Moon placed there is most powerful , Uday Lagna , and Arudha Lagna influenced by Jupiter is extremely powerful, more so since Arudha lagna also has Moon , all the 3 Lagnas become strong to give the results. The 5th Lord Mercury along with Jupiter also placed very well to give the poorva punya good results. In Navamsha the Lagna is Leo and again aspected by Jupiter . Hence the Change will be positive but will fructify after a sometime and with Hurdles since Mars has gone in its sign Scorpio and again aspecting the 10th house of Navamsha.

4. Nakshatra — Haste Moon Placed in the 5th house in a friendly sign. As per Krishna neeyam Moon and Mercury are friendly planets in Prashna . 5th house/lord are placed will along with Mercury and Jupiter and Mercury influencing the 9th house of Bhagya is also a very strong combination together with Sun in 9th house and Lagna becoming urdomukh. Since Lagna and Navamsha Lagna bot fixed and influence by Jupiter positive results after hinderances .
The Timing of the event predicted by me was as follows . Mars being the Planet in Kendra with minimum degrees will pose problems as mentioned above, On the day of Interview Jupiter was Retrograde and on the query day it was Direct and Stationary and Very strong to give Positive results.Jupiter in Lagna stay will be longer than Mars in the 10th house to influence the Lagna , Jupiter is in the 4th navamsha and in fixed sign so it may take about 3 month and some days calculated on the basis of the degrees of Jupiter. One navamsha =3.20 degrees here Jupiter is 12.17 hence 3 month complete and 3.20 degrees= 30 days therefore Hence the fructification after 3 months from the day of Query , calculating from 1st Feb. 2013 it works out 1st May 2013.
Since Mars was the main culprit in the chart I told him when ever Mars gets Combusted totally in the Transit and Sun become strong then you would get the results, since Sun is also very important in the chart to give strong good results. I had calculated the date as 16th April 2013 when Sun the Navamsha Lagna Lord was Exhalted in transit and totally combusting Mars. The native got a call at 15-00 hrs on the 16 April 2013 . The date matching with the above predictions.

chart . The Leo the navamsha lagna of the Prashna chart and the Lagna Lord Sun is Exh. and placed in the 9th house with 10th lord Venus and Mars getting combusted here totally , In the Prashna chart also Sun had a role to play placed in the 9th house and making the Lagna urdomukh and the Day Lord and Lagnesh placed in the sign of Sun in the Yama chart.

Now see the Birth chart of the native

7th May 1974 18-37 hrs (U.P)

At the Time of the Interview Call the native was running the Dasha of Ven-Ven-Mars

In the Birth chart Venus MD and AD is Lagna lord and Exh. and placed in the 6th house Mars is the 2nd and 7th lord Placed with Saturn Poorna Yog karak. In D10 also good placement . Venus is also in Pushkar navamsha and Mars is also in Pushkar Navamsha . Mars is with Poorna Yog karkak and is also yogi Graha hence Saturn the karka for profession becomes super Yog Karka, Mars is also from the yogi Group, hence the native is bound to get a very high status job, also in transit till 31st May 2013 Jupiter is in the 7th house from Moon and Saturn is Retrograde in Libra hence will be as if in the 11th house and a relief from Sadesati also. The double transit of Jupiter and Saturn is also activated for the 10th house.

The Prashna Moon is in the 11th house from the natal Moon — +ive, Moon nakshatra of the Prashna Chart is Haste and 6th Tara from that of the natal chart is Anuradha , hence benefic happenings with strength .

Now see the Muhurat chart at the time to join

Lagna is again Leo, Sun in the 11th house with the same Jupiter who was strong at the time of Prashna chart along with Mars who has just shifted in the 11th house from the 10th house and with R Mercury the 11th lord. The number of Planets in the 11th house show strong results coming . Lagna is fixed and shirshodaya and Moon is Exh. in the 10th house and also in Pushkar navamsha and has exchange with Venus the 10th lord . Lagna Lord Sun and Mercury the 2nd and 11th lord are in Pushkar navamsha . showing that the native will be successful in execution of his powers and will bring home strong and powerful results.

Here also Mars has been instrumental and a planet which exerts influence , positive or negative depending upon its placement and ownership.

If you compare all the above charts the predominance of the Benefic and strong planets at the time of Prashna , Date of Selection and Muhurat at the time to join are very strong specially of Jupiter, Sun Moon and Venus to give strong Positive results. The native has been ultimately been selected by the company after 3 months or so Native has Planets in Pushkar Navamsha specially Venus and Sun in the natal chart

Muhurat Chart to join Leo Date to join the new Job .Moon Exh in 10th house and Exh with 10th Lord Venus 4 planets in the 11th house Dasha of Ven-Ven-Rahu in natal chart. Venus as already explained is in the 12th house and the 10th house of the natal chart Rahu in Lagna . The dispositor of Rahu PD is influencing the 10th house of the natal chart. All the charts are inter related . The sign Leo is the 11th house of the natal chart and Sun is Exh. in Natal chart and also in Pushkar navamsha in transit also Sun is in Pushkar Navamsha . Rahu in the natal chart is with Deblitated Planet gives very strong results and the dispositor is forming strong Dhan yogas .
anil aggarwala
27th June 2013

This article was written by Anil

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